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Who’s in charge of Eskom now?

By Branko Brkic 5 November 2009

The smart money is saying CEO Jacob Maroga will be clearing his desk before the end of the day. There is just an outside chance that it is board chairman, Bobby Godsell, who is on his way out instead. Either way, there's a top job going at Eskom. Any takers?

Eskom chairman Bobby Godsell is this Thursday morning making an announcement to Eskom staff. An official announcement to the media is only due at 13:00, but given the Swiss cheese nature of Eskom, word will leak out well before then.

The government has acknowledged a breakdown in relations between the board (which wanted Maroga out, apparently) and Maroga (who wanted to stay). Godsell is leading proceedings, and is frankly the older hand when it comes to corporate maneuvering. Hence he is the clear favourite.

Eskom’s Chairman, Bobby Godsell

More important to the vast majority of South Africans is who will take up whichever job opens up. And how long the selection process will take, in a period when Eskom is trying to push through a tripling of electricity prices, trying to figure out how to move forward on its nuclear energy strategy and trying to hamstring independent power producers.

Watch this space. The Daily Maverick will be following this one closely.

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