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20 November 2017 11:33 (South Africa)

Now it's Joost and Amor (and Charmaine) 24/7

joost talks to reporters

It seemed like a great plan: write the book, admit to the one night stand in multiple interviews and watch the money roll in. What Joost van der Westhuizen didn't count on, however, was the awesome reach of Naspers' celebrity-harvesting machine. He had barely uttered his mea culpa before the combination of Huisgenoot and Beeld rolled out a confession by Charmaine Weavers (née Gale) that she had had a sexual relationship with him both before and after he married Amor Vittone. All the situation needed was for Vittone to do the cheated-wife thing in public, and she promptly obliged. Now newspaper proprietors are praying Van der Westhuizen turns into the next Steve Hofmeyr, with an endless parade of former lovers coming forward to tell their stories.

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