Karzai vows to confront corruption – sans details

By Incorrect Author 4 November 2009

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, in his first speech after he was the last man standing in a tainted presidential election, said he wanted to tackle corruption, but gave no specifics. Asked by journalists if this would include a new, more effective cabinet and a slate of tougher senior officials, Karzai said Afghanistan’s problems would not be solved by reshuffling officials. Karzai’s comments came after US President Barack Obama called the election aftermath a “new chapter”.  But he also made it clear that Karzai now needed to tackle rampant corruption and the drug trade, both of which have encouraged the Taliban’s resurgence – and both are issues Karzai avoided during his first term. He has not offered his erstwhile rival, Abdullah Abdullah, a place in his new government. Read more: New York Times, Washington Post


Lost Boys

Cop who exposed Magnus Malan paedophile ring found dead in Eastern Cape

By Marianne Thamm

The filming of The Beach permanently damaged the ecosystem on the Thai island it was located on.