Karzai vows to confront corruption – sans details

By Incorrect Author 4 November 2009

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, in his first speech after he was the last man standing in a tainted presidential election, said he wanted to tackle corruption, but gave no specifics. Asked by journalists if this would include a new, more effective cabinet and a slate of tougher senior officials, Karzai said Afghanistan’s problems would not be solved by reshuffling officials. Karzai’s comments came after US President Barack Obama called the election aftermath a “new chapter”.  But he also made it clear that Karzai now needed to tackle rampant corruption and the drug trade, both of which have encouraged the Taliban’s resurgence – and both are issues Karzai avoided during his first term. He has not offered his erstwhile rival, Abdullah Abdullah, a place in his new government. Read more: New York Times, Washington Post


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