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18 November 2017 06:14 (South Africa)

New “Jewish lobby” in Washington – a different approach from AIPAC

Discord among American Jews about Obama’s approach to the Middle East was on show at the first J Street convention. A newcomer to lobbying, J Street has taken a different tack than the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC. J Street has a fraction of the clout of AIPAC, but it is already a major reference point in the American Jewish community over Obama’s Middle East policy. J Street is an imaginary street that would be one block from K Street, if it existed. (The latter is shorthand for the site of many lobbying firms.) David Harris of the American Jewish Committee said there were three distinct groups of Jewish opinion in the US. The largest is people hopeful Obama will succeed in advancing peace in the Middle East. Then there one camp that Obama regardless, and a third “convinced that the president does not support Israel in his kishkes.” Gen. James L. Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor, gave the keynote address at J Street’s convention.

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