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18 November 2017 04:58 (South Africa)

House Democrats offer health reform bill – Obama applauds their style

nancy pelosi

Democrats in the House of Representatives offered a consolidated health care bill that would extend coverage to 96% of Americans, impose restrictions on private insurance and create the controversial government-run insurance option. The full House will vote on this measure later next week.  Democratic leaders did not claim they had sufficient votes to pass the measure.  Republicans are sure to oppose it and some of the approximately 50  “Blue Dog”, fiscally conservative Democrats may also not support it. Democratic leadership cited the Congressional budget office’s estimate to say the cost of the measure would be about $894 billion over a decade. In the Senate, full floor debate is expected to take place early in November on a bill authored by Senate majority leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada. His bill includes a government-run insurance option, although it would allow individual states to opt out of that part of the plan. Meanwhile, Barack Obama called the House bill a "critical milestone in the effort to reform our health care system". Add healthcare legislation to sausage and diplomacy as things the squeamish should not watch being made. For more: AP

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