Clinton continues with Pakistan visit despite car bomb

By Incorrect Author 29 October 2009

Although US secretary of state Hillary Clinton came to Pakistan to discuss a relationship built on more than the struggle against terrorism, just after her arrival a horrific car-bomb attack in Peshawar made this conversation a whole lot harder. The bomb ripped apart a fabric market, killing nearly 100 people, many women and children — the very people Clinton focuses on during visits to other developing nations. After the attack, Clinton said, “These attacks on innocent people are cowardly; they are not courageous; they are cowardly.” She praised the Pakistani campaign against insurgents in South Waziristan, saying: “I want you to know that this fight is not Pakistan’s alone. This is our struggle as well.” Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi added that the bombing would not weaken Pakistan’s resolve to combat extremism. Despite security concerns, Clinton went ahead with announcing an American-financed initiative to help Pakistan repair and upgrade its aging power plants. For more: The New York Times, BBC News


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