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17 December 2017 13:56 (South Africa)

Somali pirates hijack British couple on yacht

Somali pirates have struck yet again, but this time they have taken a British couple sailing from the Seychelles hostage. International naval forces were last said to be trailing three suspicious vessels. The European Union Naval Force said one of its helicopters spotted a yacht about 320km off the pirate port of Haradhere, and that the vessel’s location suggested it could be the couple’s yacht. Paul and Rachel Chandler were heading to Tanzania when they sent a distress signal on Friday last week. Pirates have taken yachts before. A French captain was killed in April during a rescue operation by French commandos after being held for six days along with his wife, child and two other adults. Most disturbing is that attacks now happen far into the Indian Ocean, despite the presence of numerous navies. Earlier seizures mostly took place in the major shipping lane that runs through the Gulf of Aden, off the Somalia coast.

Read more: AP, New York Times

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