Senegal admits to IMF bribe

By Incorrect Author 28 October 2009

Senegal has admitted it gave money to an International Monetary Fund official after earlier denying the allegations. It gave Alex Segura almost $200,000 at the end of his three-year posting in Dakar. The IMF says the money will be paid back, as quickly as possible, which makes one wonder how much Segura earned. Senegal Prime Minister Souleymane Ndene Ndiaye said it was a goodbye present and part of an African tradition. Haven’t we heard that one before in South Africa? Fortunately, Senegal’s opposition has called it for what it is -- corruption. The IMF says the filthy lucre was handed over to Segura after a farewell dinner with President Abdoulaye Wade, and, not realising it was a wad of cash and worried that he would miss his plane, he decided to take the money with him to Spain. Yeah, right. Read more: BBC


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