Iraq blast toll continues to rise, includes children

By Incorrect Author 27 October 2009

Rescue and recovery workers continued to look for victims from Sunday’s twin bomb blasts as the death toll reached 155. A still-undetermined number of children from the justice ministry’s day-care centre were killed. The extent of the damage was even worse than initially feared, with three major government buildings destroyed, not two as first believed. The Iraqi defence and interior ministries have already begun assessing the security breaches that let the two bombings occur. The bombs were in a minivan and a water tanker, and both had had to pass through several security checkpoints before reaching their intended targets. Trucks are required to have special military permits that are supposed to be examined at every roadblock. The first blast partly gutted the ministry of justice and damaged two other ministries. The second, a minute later, destroyed the Baghdad provincial council building.  Read more: The New York Times