Castro’s sister was CIA; guess whose book is going to sell like hotcakes

By Incorrect Author 27 October 2009

The memoirs of Juanita Castro, sister of former Cuban leader Fidel and of current one Raul, could have been another one of those mildly interesting books read mostly by political scientists. Then, the day before the book was released, she admitted in a television interview that she had been an agent of the CIA. Cue ringing cash registers. The book is entitled "Fidel and Raul, My Brothers: The Secret History", and from reports the central secret seems to be that she worked as a spy between 1961 and 1964, at which point she fled the country after the agency tipped her off about an impending investigation. During that time she smuggled in messages and provided information related to the Cuban Missile Crisis, among other things. Other tantalising titbits include her recruitment by the wife of the Brazilian ambassador to Cuba and her claim that she refused to help in any attempted assassination of Fidel, despite working with the people who tried to kill him hundreds of times. Read more: CNN, Voice of America



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