UN inspectors get a sneak peek at nuclear facility

By Incorrect Author 26 October 2009

UN inspectors got their first peek at the once-secret uranium enrichment facility that has triggered Western suspicions about Iran's nuclear intentions. An Iranian news agency said a four-member team visited the facility, which is carved into a mountain south of Tehran. The tour was the first independent examination of the site, but it is unlikely any results will be announced before the inspectors depart.  The review comes as Iran weighs up the UN-brokered deal to process its nuclear fuel abroad and ease Western fears about Iran's potential for making weapons-grade material. Iran has promised to respond later this week to the UN-drafted proposal to have its nuclear fuel processed outside the country. It claims it only seeks peaceful reactors for research and energy. While there has been no official response yet, following talks with the US, France and Russia, there are now growing doubts Iran's leadership will agree. Rejection of the UN deal would force the US and its allies either to return to talks or step up demands for greater economic sanctions. Read more: AP, New York Times


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