Twin suicide car bombs kill 136 in Iraq

By Branko Brkic 26 October 2009

In the worst attack this year, downtown Baghdad was hit by two suicide car bombs killing at least 136 people. The two bombs targeted the justice ministry and the Baghdad provincial administration, as Iraq prepares for January elections. The blasts were detonated just a few hundred metres from the American embassy’s “Green Zone”.  They exploded a few hours prior to a meeting between the heads of political parties and government officials which is aimed at a finding a compromise agreement on the election law for the upcoming poll. The street on which the blasts went off had only recently been reopened as a signal that the city was returning to a form of everyday safety. Although violence from sectarian tensions had dropped significantly, attacks such as these indicate one of Baghdad’s most secure areas could still be attacked with terrible effect. Officials warned the violence was designed to destabilise the country ahead of the elections.  Read more: Excite


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