Tough times for Fortune magazine

By Daily Maverick Legacy 26 October 2009

Fortune magazine's managing editor, Andy Serwer, announced on Friday that the world's best-known business magazine is to cut the number of editions from 25 to 18, and that it will also alter the way it covers the world of business. As the other big players are either being closed down (Conde Nast Portfolio) or sold (BusinessWeek), Fortune magazine will try to find relevance in a smaller number of more in-depth stories, and concentrate on covering more issues while sporting fewer CEOs on its covers - not unlike the way Newsweek redefined itself. It will have more practical sections advising readers how to deal with specific problems rather than the life stories of the rich and famous. And, of course, it will be substantially re-designed.  TDM’s verdict: worried, very worried.Read more: The New York Times, AP


State Capture

Ramaphosa: SSA’s Arthur Fraser precipitated constitutional crisis

By Marianne Thamm

There are more skin cancer cases related to tanning beds than there are lung cancer cases to smoking.