Rupert Murdoch moves deeper into professional world with The Wall Street Journal new venture

By Incorrect Author 26 October 2009

In the desperate daily battle for new streams of revenue, Rupert Murdoch is coming up with new additions almost every month. Last week the company announced it was moving into the space between the normal information provided by The Wall Street Journal daily, and highly specialised, and highly lucrative information provided by Bloomberg terminals. The service, incredibly imaginatively named The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition will cost up to $49 a month, compared to Bloomberg's, which start at $2,000 a month, per terminal. While it is true that for decades many tried to usurp Bloomberg's dominant position and didn't live to tell the tale, none of them was called The Wall Street Journal. In the age of forced savings, Murdoch's latest online attempt may even make some serious money.Read more: The Wall Street Journal, The Wrap



Victim, villain or pawn: Why Eskom ‘whistle-blower’ Suzanne Daniels was fired

By Jessica Bezuidenhout

Magenta has no physical wavelength. It thus does not "exist" strictly speaking. Rather our brains are telling us that we are seeing "not green".