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23 March 2017 22:03 (South Africa)

Somali Islamists threaten to attack Bujumbura and Kampala

Burundi and Uganda have reacted fiercely to threats by radical Somali militant group al-Shabaab to attack their respective capitals, Bujumbura and Kampala. African Union peacekeepers in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, were involved in a deadly mortar and artillery battle with al-Shabaab last week, after they fired on the Somali president's plane as he flew to an AU meeting in Uganda. The Burundians and Ugandans, comprising the bulk of a 5,000-strong AU force in Mogadishu, lost lives in twin suicide truck bombings in the past few months. The threat of moving the battle lines to Uganda and Burundi is a new development, and one which the West will watch closely. The Somali government has already called for UN troops to reinforce the Africans, but so far, despite an escalation of violence in recent months, this has not happened.

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