Comcast to debut cable shows online by year’s end

By Incorrect Author 22 October 2009

As though negotiating to buy a media giant like NBC Universal was not enough, Comcast Corp, itself a huge cable TV operator, is now planning to bring popular TV series to computers all over the US, at no extra cost. Of course, only its current and future customers need apply. Although this was possible for a long time, especially if the organisation bringing you the video content was headquartered in Novosibirsk, Russia, for the first time major players have moved to erase the differences among TV and online content delivery models. With all the usual check-ups and verifications of course, including only being able to see the programmes on desktop “home” computers. Comcast, however, sees an online delivery eco-system in the near future that includes everything from laptops to cellphones and car players and, well, everything.