Iran charges US, UK, Pakistan with helping Revolutionary Guard killers

By Daily Maverick Legacy 20 October 2009

The head of the Revolutionary Guard said the US, UK and Pakistan were behind bombings that killed five Revolutionary Guard commanders plus 37 more people. He insisted Pakistan arrest the organisers. A Sunni rebel group , Jundallah (“Soldiers of God”),  claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on an Islamic web site. Jundallah has carried out limited attacks in recent years. In this one, the bomb went off just as Revolutionary Guard commanders were entering a sports complex to meet tribal leaders to discuss Sunni-Shiite cooperation. Iranian General Mohammad-Ali Jafari said, “New evidence has been obtained proving the link between yesterday's terrorist attack and the US, British and Pakistani intelligence services,” and a delegation would go to Pakistan to present the evidence. Iran often blames the West for encouraging unrest among religious and ethnic minorities. These are routinely denied. Iran also claims Jundallah gets help from al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan’s Baluchistan region, where nationalists have their own independence campaign.  Analysts say there is little evidence of operational relationships between Jundallah and al-Qaeda or the Taliban, and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari denied links to the bombers and called the incident “gruesome and barbaric.”


State Capture

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There are more skin cancer cases related to tanning beds than there are lung cancer cases to smoking.