Gordon Brown warns of a climate catastrophe

By Incorrect Author 20 October 2009

The UK faces floods, droughts, killer heat waves (and maybe the rest of the Mosaic plagues in the Bible as well), if leaders cannot reach agreement on climate change, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned.  Ever the cheerful one, that man. Brown said negotiators had 50 days to save the world from global warming. Speaking at the Major Economies Forum in London, he said there was simply “no plan B”. The international summit on climate meets in Copenhagen in December to replace the 1997 Kyoto treaty as targets for reducing emissions now only apply to a small group of countries and expire in 2012. Environmental groups previously accused Gordon Brown of not paying enough attention to climate change and said the Treasury blocked “green” policies. Somebody clearly got religion big time.  The Major Economies Forum is not a formal part of the UN and firm commitments will probably not evolve from the meeting.


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