Gartner predicts better times for IT industry

By Incorrect Author 20 October 2009

One of the world’s biggest market research companies, Gartner, has first got the bad news out of the way in its Monday briefing: the worldwide IT spend will probably decline 5.2% this year compared to 2008, the biggest slowdown since 2001.  But then the much better news comes: Gartner researchers feel that 2010 will show global IT spend growing 3.3% compared to 2009, a slightly modest jump that will still mean the IT spend is going to be less than in 2008. But it is a jump nonetheless, and in the dire times at present, it sounds good indeed. However, not every sector is expected to grow: next year, hardware will stay pretty much the same as in 2009, while the weight of growth will rest almost solely on the telecommunications firms and software makers.


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There are more skin cancer cases related to tanning beds than there are lung cancer cases to smoking.