‘Blood diamonds’ still fuelling conflict

By Incorrect Author 19 October 2009

Rights group, Partnership Africa Canada, says the Kimberley Process is failing due to a lack of accountability over illegal diamonds. The Kimberley Process was set up in 2003 after civil wars in Angola, Sierra Leone and Liberia were largely financed by illicit diamonds. Before its implementation, conflict diamonds made up about 15% of the world market. Although that number has dropped considerably, millions of carats of stones remain untraceable. Partnership Africa Canada, in a recent report, highlights diamonds from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where millions of people have died in an ongoing regional war.Read more: Reuters, PAC Web



In Pictures: Day 11 of the World Cup

Antoinette Muller 3 hours ago

Stephen Hawking held a party for time travellers. He sent the invitation out the day after. Nobody attended.