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25 November 2017 03:53 (South Africa)

Apartment sold for $57 million. Yes, you heard right.

It’s not a palace. It’s not a villa, compound or not even a Central Park penthouse. Nope, it’s a 5-bedroomed, 560 square metre, 68th floor apartment in a prestigious Hong Kong harbour building. And somebody just forked out $57 million for it. With every square metre costing almost $30,000, it sets new standards of madness. All that money also buys the new owner, who, quite rightly, chose to remain anonymous, (lest somebody sends him/her for an urgent head MRI), views of the harbour, access to spa, fitness centre and even an outdoor yoga room. But wait, there’s more: another, similar flat, probably without access to outdoor yoga, was sold for $51 million. Mad. Mad.

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