Where has the time gone
24 November 2017 14:51 (South Africa)

SABC thwarted in mole hunt

When the Sunday Times published extensive details about incompetence, wasteful expenditure and possible fraud at the SABC, the broadcaster was unhappy. When the newspaper drew from an internal and confidential report that could only have been leaked by a highly placed executive, the witch-hunt began. Remember, this is the same organisation that has no problem with forcing its employees to submit to polygraph tests at the drop of a hat. But the Johannesburg High Court wasn't on the same channel on Wednesday. The SABC had, bizarrely, claimed that its rights to confidentiality could only be protected if the court made the Sunday Times hand back the report - the same one from which the paper had already extracted every juicy detail and published them. Judge Nigel Willis was having none of it. He also became our favourite judge of the week for using the phrase “the horse has bolted”.

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