What is it with the French? Sarkozy’s son ignites uproar over job bid

By Incorrect Author 13 October 2009

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s son is only 23, hasn’t finished university, but he’s already hunting a plum job overseeing EPAD, the quasi-governmental agency that manages the La Defense financial district on the western outskirts of Paris. Not surprisingly, critics are screaming nepotism. Really? Though his dad once held the same job, Sarkozy jnr. is still studying law at the Sorbonne. Meanwhile, there is still that little matter of Sarkozy’s minister of culture Frederic Mitterand being branded as a child molester with renewed attention on his earlier revelation in his tell-all memoir that he had sexual relations with young men in Thailand. Somehow, that got overlooked when he was appointed in the first place. What is it that Henry Higgins says in “My Fair Lady”, “ The French don’t care what they do actually, as long as they pronounce it properly.”?


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