Disney re-thinks its stores philosophy…

By Branko Brkic 13 October 2009

... and off to work it goes. The favourite company of many generations, and the world's biggest media and entertainment company, Disney has decided that the middle of the recession is a great time to re-think everything, especially its retail philosophy. The entertainment giant owns 340 stores across the US and is now, inspired by its largest individual shareholder, Steve Jobs (via Pixar), taking a closer look at the success Apple (not the poisoned kind) had in its own retail offensive a couple of years ago. So where the competitors cut back, re-organise or just plain hibernate, waiting for bad times to blow over, Disney is doing a positively Jobsian move: investing aggressively, re-designing stores to become theme-parks themselves, bringing more joy and happiness to the paying customers. Worked for Apple; will probably work for Disney too.


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