Only dead fish go with the flow
18 November 2017 04:58 (South Africa)

Er, Mr Prime Minister, could you please pay back this bill?

New claims for repayment of housing expenses, this time reaching Prime Minister Gordon Brown, seem certain to drain away even more of his support. Downing Street officials said Brown had received a letter demanding repayment of £12,415 for cleaning, gardening and maintenance expenses at a London apartment and a home in Scotland between 2004 and 2009. They said Brown would pay promptly. Brown was one of more than 300 MPs who received letters of demand to pay back expense claims. Numerous Conservatives and Liberal Democrat MPs have also been asked to pay up. But this was a particularly embarrassing moment for Brown, as Labour faces the resurgent Conservatives in an election in 2010. Brown had started out with banner headlines saying the government hoped to raise $25 billion from the sale of state assets such as bridges, bookmakers and the Chunnel rail link. The opposition responded that this was nice, but failed to fix the budget hole

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