Provocation triple distilled
22 November 2017 05:57 (South Africa)

UPDATE: Pakistani army warned by police before attack

Police had specifically warned the military about an upcoming attack in Rawalpindi and organised by the man who had planned two other major attacks in the past two years. This startling revelation raises serious concerns about the capabilities of Pakistan’s military to cope with militants. The surviving militant captured during the Rawalpindi siege is understood to be a member of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a group apparently affiliated to al-Qaeda and the Pakistani version of the Taliban. The head of these efforts also guided the commando-style operation against the Sri Lankan cricket team. This comes as the army has been promising to bring the fight to the Taliban and as the Obama administration is on the verge of securing a $1.5 billion a year aid programme for Pakistan. This siege also indicates that insurgents in Pakistan have penetrated deeply into the Punjab and are not just operating in the rugged north-western regions of Pakistan. None of these developments will make it easier to bring an end to the Afghan war, to pacify north-western Pakistan or deal with the region’s suicidal terrorist groups

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