Murdoch really, really doesn’t like search engines and aggregators; AP boss agrees

By Branko Brkic 12 October 2009

At a media conference in Beijing, NewsCorp’s Rupert Murdoch and the Associated Press’s Tom Curley pretty much agreed that search engines and aggregators are the worst scourge of modern media business. Murdoch called them “content kleptomaniacs” who will soon “have to pay the price”. He didn’t exactly elaborate on how he intends doing this. His prime possession, The Wall Street Journal, is successfully charging for content online, but revenues are nowhere near the amounts necessary for running the vast news organisation. AP’s boss Curley reported that AP is planning a “game-changing move” based on three P’s: Protect, Point and Pay. It envisages better protection of content, better organisation so others can point better and far better payment solutions. We’ll soon see what comes of it. And will somebody please explain what does Google steal by pointing to WSJ or AP’s stories?


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