More than three ways to skin this cat says TV pundit

By Daily Maverick Legacy 12 October 2009

Former Clinton aide and über-TV commentator George Stephanopoulos said Obama’s national security team is going to generate new military and strategic options for Afghanistan beyond those in General Stanley McChrystal’s secret, but widely reported memo on Afghanistan. While Obama’s team has yet to develop these alternatives, expect them in the next several weeks. Their hope is that the good general will sign these alternative recommendations. Key points include: - How to ensure effective civilian follow-on after any military surge? - Can the Afghan government be fixed? - Can President Hamid Karzai achieve credibility by broadening his coalition? - Can the Afghan government be made “good enough”? - Are there ways to “work around” the Karzai government? - Must more resources be directed at Pakistan? Stephanopoulos is one of Washington’s most clued-in members of the chattering class there and his observations should be read as a “heads up” to the rest of us.


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