Provocation triple distilled
20 November 2017 03:56 (South Africa)

The Berlusconi reality show coming soon to TVs in Italy


Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he will go on TV and appear in courtrooms to prove corruption and tax charges against him false. The court sessions in Milan are now to resume following the Constitutional Court overturning the law that gave him immunity for prosecution while in office. However, the main trial must begin again and he may still beat the rap as the statute of limitations kicks in. Berlusconi is already in embroiled in a whole slew of tabloid sex scandals. In addition, there have been street protests against efforts to curb press freedom and his main holding company has been told to pay $1 billion to a rival group. "These trials are laughable. They are a farce which I will illustrate to Italians by going on TV," he said. "I will defend myself in the courtrooms and ridicule my accusers, showing all Italians the stuff I am made of." And like “ole Blue eyes”, he’ll probably do it his way too.

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