New Kebble ‘assisted suicide’ and other ‘absurdities’ emerge at Selebi trial

By Daily Maverick Legacy 9 October 2009

Shortly after businessman and funder deluxe of the ANC elite, Brett Kebble was discovered dead in 2005, a bizarre rumour emerged that it might have been something called an “assisted suicide”. Glenn Agliotti, state witness in the trial of former police chief Jackie Selebi, has been charged with Kebble’s murder and is a keen proponent of the “assisted suicide” notion. The topic came up at the Selebi trial yesterday, with Agliotti adding a weird detail; the three men accused of “assisting” in the “assisted suicide” were actually travelling in Kebble’s car at the time of the shooting. The topic came up because defence advocate Jaap Cilliers was trying to introduce the argument that Agliotti was only being charged for Kebble’s murder to force him to testify against Selebi. In the process, Cilliers ran through the allegations about the murder of Kebble – with some added twists. The Times reports it this way: “The allegation was that Kebble’s security chief Clinton Nassif hired three hit men, previously reported to be bouncers Mikey Schultz, Nigel McGurk and Faizel Smith, who travelled in Kebble’s car with him when he was shot dead. ’Which means Kebble had full knowledge that he would be executed,’ said Cilliers. Agliotti agreed. ‘He wanted a make-believe story that it was a homicide and that someone would take him out,’ Cilliers continued. Again Agliotti agreed. ’I get the impression, Mr Agliotti, that I think they are trying to keep a sword over your head and that sword would be for you to testify against the accused,’ Cilliers said. Agliotti replied: ’I agree with you, but I have already testified.’ He also agreed with Cilliers that it was ‘absurd’ that he had been charged with Kebble's murder when he had ‘nothing to do with it’.”


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