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22 October 2017 19:22 (South Africa)

Gazprom can’t guarantee supplies to Western Europe this winter

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Russian energy giant, Gazprom, told delegates to the World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that the company can provide enough gas for Western Europe this winter, but it really can’t, with all honesty, say if all that gas will reach Europe. The main obstacle remains the Ukraine, whose territory hosts the Nabucco pipeline, and through which all Gazprom gas is flowing. Recently, the Ukraine stopped and appropriated the European shipments of gas flowing through after failing to pay Gazprom their own bills. But one look at the situation reveals that the Ukrainians will soon be having a major problem on their hands. The alternative pipeline, Nord Stream Pipeline would kick into operation in 2011, and would deliver gas to Western Europe by a route under the Baltic, thus rendering the Ukraine not really important. And then, hopefully, Gazprom could guarantee that Western Europe would not freeze the following winter.

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