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22 November 2017 09:31 (South Africa)

Gadaffi smoothes way for Mali, Niger peace deal with Tuareg rebels


Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi, sponsor of an accord in Mali and Niger that led to a comprehensive peace deal with Tuareg rebel groups, says the process has been concluded successfully. But despite some 1,100 fighters laying down arms, a statement on the official website of the main Tuareg rebel group criticised the deal, showing why past peace accords didn’t work. Gadaffi will fast become the darling of the West if the deal holds, as fears of infiltration into the area by al-Qaeda's North African wing has fostered insecurity among multinational resources firms. In the past, Tuareg factions have reneged on peace pledges, blaming Mali and Niger for failing to respect the accords.

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