Steve Jobs wants you to think of green Apple

By Incorrect Author 28 September 2009

For years, Apple was known as the leader in technology and, above all, design. Leader in green technology it wasn’t, exposing its flank to competitors such as Dell and HP who spent big-time on touting the nature-friendliness of their products. Eco-warriors such as Greenpeace in 2007 launched a major campaign against Apple’s environmental policy. So, now that he’s back at the core and advised by his buddy Al Gore, Steve Jobs is finally taking on issues environmental. Business Week reports Jobs wants to introduce a new way to measure carbon footprints by focusing on the entire life of a product, rather than just its production process. By tackling engineering issues like eliminating PVC and other toxic materials, and the products’ energy consumption from “cradle to grave”, Jobs hopes to pry the initiative from his competitors’ cold hands. We don’t think Dell and HP are looking forward to this particular battle.