Medupi power station an “environmental catastrophe” – Moneyweb

By Daily Maverick Legacy 28 September 2009

Correspondence between senior Eskom executives, including “confidential” e-mails and memos, reveals Eskom's proposed Medupi power plant could precipitate an irreversible environmental catastrophe, while Eskom's senior management appears to be sitting idly by, unwilling to take action, Moneyweb reports. The correspondence between Moneyweb’s source and Eskom executives, including Vule Nemukula, general manager of Eskom procurement and supply chain management, reveals projected future water needs for the area, post-Medupi, could be 500% more than current usage. This could see Hartebeestpoort Dam "pumped dry in 90 days during winter”. Moneyweb said its source was the same one who earlier this month documented in clinical detail how Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga had been warned of an impending coal crisis six months prior to last year’s devastating rolling blackouts.



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By Jessica Bezuidenhout