China is going green – all billion of ‘em, says columnist

By Incorrect Author 28 September 2009

Thomas Friedman, one of the world’s most influential columnists, has argued that China is aggressively moving into green technology. In a few years, the world will be buying its green tech from low-cost Chinese manufacturers, benefitting from its production advantage, manufacturing capacity and plentiful science and engineering talent. “Yes, China’s leaders have decided to go green — out of necessity because too many of their people can’t breathe, can’t swim, can’t fish, can’t farm and can’t drink thanks to pollution from its coal- and oil-based manufacturing growth engine. And, therefore, unless China powers its development with cleaner energy systems, and more knowledge-intensive businesses without smokestacks, China will die of its own development,” Friedman wrote. “Of course, China will continue to grow with cheap, dirty coal, to arrest over-eager environmentalists and to strip African forests for wood and minerals. Have no doubt about that. But have no doubt either that, without declaring it, China is embarking on a new, parallel path of clean power deployment and innovation. It is the Sputnik of our day. We ignore it at our peril.”



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