Hail to the real chief: Warren Buffet is buying again

By Branko Brkic 17 September 2009

The Sage of Omaha is doing it again: His wink can change company’s fortune, his nod can make businessman a legend. Accordingly, his statement yesterday at the Fortune conference in Carlsbad, California, that although the economy still hasn’t turned up Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is “buying stocks right as we speak” and he’s getting a “lot for my money” in equities has lifted Wall Street’s morale and was seen as major contributor to market’s good performance. On a more disturbing note, Buffett revealed to stunned conference that the Barclays Bank approached him about helping acquire Lehman Brothers last year and that he was interested and asked for more details. To cut a long story short, Lehman Brothers might have been saved and the world financial system might have avoided the near collapse had the world’s greatest investor found the way to check his voicemail.



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Antoinette Muller 3 hours ago

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