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19 November 2017 01:22 (South Africa)

UFOs strike militants in Somalia


News reports quote farmers in Somalia’s southeastern town of Barawe as saying unidentified helicopters attacked a car thought to be carrying Islamist militants, killing at least two people then landing and hauling some of the dead and wounded aboard.
A local villager told a journalist by telephone that the troops appeared to have French flags on their uniforms. Another villager claimed four non-Somalis were killed and their bodies taken by other foreigners.
The French have conducted recent commando raids in Somalia to rescue French citizens held by assorted rebels and pirates, but the French have denied their soldiers were involved on this occasion, saying they don’t even have a presence in the region.
The truth could be that any number of foreign security forces or their proxies could be knocking off militants on the sly, as they fear radical Islamist groups, including al-Qaeda, now use the ravaged country as a springboard for operations into Africa and further afield.


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