Defend Truth

22 Questions with Janet Heard

Janet is the day managing editor at Daily Maverick. Enjoy her 22 questions below:

Talking too fast, too loud and not finishing my sentences – same tendency (perhaps worse) on WhatsApp

 Believing that today will be a calm day

Thousands of words pass before my eyes each day … what stands out today is a trivial WhatsApp (thanks for the share Becs)

The Upside Down Girl (I had a tendency to sit head first on the family couch as a kid – leading to the still-repeated family tease that when upset, tears would run down into my forehead and hair)

Insurance (except the rare time it actually paid out)

Neptune. I would ask him to make the perfect rookie 1.5 foot offshore wave every day (with no crowds)

My children’s education, and a weeklong trip to Bali In late 2019 with my 20-something son (a contestant in a para-surfing event) and my mum (then 80). Covid hit soon after.

Jacob Zuma’s shrink, to get inside his head, even if it would be his version of truth.

To travel the world … (it is a journey full of sidetracks)

Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika … (oops. that is three …
okay then Uhuru)

Becoming a pessimist

In less than 10 words how do humans save themselves


Janet Heard

managing editor