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21 Questions with Michelle Banda

Michelle is a food journalist for Maverick Citizen. Best words to describe Michelle? Hard-working, humility, a zest for life and willingness to learn. She loves putting together mere words into a story relatable to the world and freezing moments with her camera to help relieve stress. 

Michelle Banda

Food Journalist

Tropical beach listen to the sounds of the waves, meditate, take nice pictures. I love the sound of waves they are soothing

Step into my future and see what is in store for me

Dad, younger brother, Sister , my best friend, Mom

Currently Adele Easy on me

Elephant and take up space

the gift of love materialistic things fade but love is always with the person

Nice necklace and t-shirt for my birthday

telling my crush I like them

be you do you for you and the world will adjust

Everybody hates chris

Smartphones and other technologies ie Wifi

Can’t think of anything everything is the best in its kind of way depends on the perspective

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