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21 Questions with Francesca Beighton

Maverick Insider General Manager at Daily Maverick answers 21 Questions 

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Francesca Beighton

General Manager

Singing. I’m completely tone deaf and can’t even get a song stuck in my head. (Baby shark, do do do do do do)

Maverick Insiders. Every day I think about how this group of people pay for a free service in order to keep it free for others. I don’t know if there is as pure an example of caring for others than that.

All of them. Scrabble, backgammon, table-tennis, Uno…I love playing, I’m pretty childish.

Teleportation. Would have been very useful over these past couple of years as my family is scattered around the world.

Ella Fitzgerald for the tunes
Barack Obama for the chats
Dara O’Briain for the laughs
Ryan Gosling for the looks
And my mum, who I miss everyday, but also because somebody would need to cook. (My cooking is as good as my singing.)

“Days like this” by Dermot Kennedy

Owner and head cocktail shaker of a Tiki bar on a remote island. Or a novelist. Or both! Let’s dream big…

My dog, Cara. She’s like a lava lamp: not that bright but pretty to look at and she’s happy about it. She brings joy to everyone she meets.

Hugging my brothers who live in Australia. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them.

Honestly I don’t know. My immense charm and wit?

A painting of my favourite poet, W.B Yeats

It takes a lot to embarrass me. I have no shame.

A Zapiro cartoon that I vowed to buy when I got my permanent residency in South Africa…along with the actual permanent residency certificate. I keep them together for this very reason.

Your job is not who you are, it’s what you do. If you confuse these, it means that when you’re not working, you’re nothing.

The West Wing. I love American politics. I used to watch it with my Dad as a teenager and it was the foundation of my understanding of democracy…which is probably why I’m still so naive. Although, I’d rather be naive than cynical.

President Ramaphosa’s cellphone. Quite interesting stuff going on there, I imagine.

Irish summer, South African winter. Same, same.

Schalk Bezuidenhout. His Instagram videos made me laugh every day through lockdown.

This little piece of genius:

Plastic avocado holders for half avocados. Who leaves half an avocado? Same question to inventors of the wine bottle stopper.

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