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20 Questions with Dianne Hawker

Get a sneak peek into the life of legal journalist as she answers 20 questions for Maverick Insiders

Thandiswa Mazwai’s Sankofa album. It’s amazing. A love letter to South Africa and speaks truthfully about the state of South Africa.

Of all time: Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s such an interesting take on love and time.

Recently I started re-reading The Shining By Stephen King and it reminded me of why I love his writing.

Of all time: Gladiator. Because…”are you not entertained!”

Recently: Dune 1 is a cinematic masterpiece. I can’t wait to see Dune

Of all time: The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are my forever rewatch shows. Both are extremely funny.

Recently: I’ve been watching The Last Kingdom, a viking-inspired series that takes place in old England. The storyline is gripping and the fight scenes are so well choreographed.

My brother Myles, my partner Magloire and my friend Candice. Candice is an amazing critical thinker and a general bad-ass. My brother already has an apocalypse plan, he knows how to slaughter animals and recently started growing crops. Magloire because I’d go to the ends of the earth with him and he would do the same for me.

Italy. I visited it a few years ago and enjoyed the people and the food. And what is life if not good people and great food.

Chickens. I was once attacked by a vicious rooster as a child and I don’t mess around with live chickens.

My house. I found a cute old house on one of Joburg’s older suburbs and although I’ve had a fair bit of fixing to do, it’s amazing to have a place to call home. I’ve decorated it in bright colours and have little accents that make sense to me. It’s a haven.

With a cup of rooibos tea.

Don’t compromise to the point where you are compromised.

Teleportation. Who wouldn’t want to have the power to travel anywhere in a blink of an eye!

I think it is becoming a fact of life, in the way the computers and cellphones are, so we will also end up engaging with it at some point although I personally haven’t used AI that much.

Spicy chicken mayo. You add some chilli sauce to the mayo before mixing it in.

Deputy Chief Justice and soon-to-be Chief Justice Mandisa Maya. I’ve had the opportunity to witness her work while covering the judiciary and I think she’s such a role model, not only for women in the judiciary but for women outside. She is not apologetic about her feminism – she has said many times that it is active work. And people who have worked with her also speak very positively about her management approach.

I worked at a video store in high school.

South African people are among the most warm-hearted people in the world. Whenever I travel, I look forward to coming home because people here greet you with sincerity. They smile, they ask you how you are, they look you in the eye when doing it.

Don’t stop believing – Journey.

I once dressed as “Jane” to a Mother City Queer project party. They were these fantastic, debaucherous themed parties that took place in Cape Town. My friend and I attached animal print fabric to our underwear with pins. Let’s just say my mother was concerned I would catch a cold after that party.

Looking at houses that I can’t afford on property websites. It’s a strange hobby but I like thinking, “One day”.

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Dianne Hawker