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20 Questions with Bernard Kotze

Get a sneak peek into the life of Daily Maverick’s Creative Lead as he answers 20 questions for Maverick Insiders

A signed print by one of my favourite illustrators and artists, Shaun Tan.

Meditation. Or maybe a soft serve in a sugar cone with a flake.

If I can manage to get to sleep on time, definitely a morning person.

Try no to take it all too seriously.

Breaking my collarbone while in a hurry on a tiny, overloaded motorbike on a dirt road in Namibia.

A History Of The World by Andrew Marr. It took me ages to get through but was hugely insightful.

Blender. 3D animation software I’m obsessed with at the moment.

Spend time with family. Write music. Make animations. Cook more with my wife. See friends more.

None of the other adults seem to know what they are doing.

Doing less to a higher standard.

Doing more to a lower standard.

Unfortunately I am woefully underqualified to add anything of value in that department. Especially considering who my colleagues are.

Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain. An oldie but still a high watermark in television.

Love, Death & Robots. Arcane. Both beautifully animated series on Netflix.

A snake heart and gall bladder in Vietnam.

My stepson doing a spot-on impersonation of me.

Ability to recognise actors from other roles in movies or on TV. Even obscure ones. It has never served any purpose other than to annoy my wife.


Bernard Kotze



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