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9 October 2015 10:43 (South Africa)
Opinionista Tim Cohen

Lehman and SA, one year on

  • Tim Cohen
We still think that SA was somehow de-linked from the financial crisis that got it's official start exactly one year ago today. That isn't exactly the case, just as we haven't exactly answered all the questions about how the downturn affected – and will affect – South Africa.

The conventional wisdom is that South Africa is distant, somewhat bemused, spectator to the financial maelstrom that began on this day a year ago with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, a crisis SA was belatedly

  • Tim Cohen
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Cohen is a business and political journalist and commentator of more years than he likes to admit. His freelance work has included contributions to the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, but he spent most of his life working for Business Day.

After a mid-life crisis that didn't include the traditional fast car, Cohen now divides his time between Johannesburg and a house situated almost exactly in the middle of nowhere in the Karoo.

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