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1 December 2015 12:48 (South Africa)

Love, love me do, says Sir Paul for third time

  • Rebecca Davis
  • Sci-Tech
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If ever you needed proof that Paul McCartney is a true romantic, look no further. Despite the disastrous end to his last marriage to Heather Mills, the old Beatle has married for a third time in London yesterday. By REBECCA DAVIS.

It's revealing that when you type “Paul McCartney married” into Google, the search engine - as part of its creepy new habit of providing you with information about celebrities' sex lives - comes back with: "Best guess for Paul McCartney Spouse is Heather Mills, Linda McCartney, Jane Asher, Nancy Shevell". He never married Asher, a British actress, but they had a high-profile five-year relationship in the 60s. Linda Eastman was McCartney's first wife. They married in 1969 (the year before the Beatles split - coincidence?) and by all accounts had a very happy and loving marriage until Eastman died of cancer in 1998. McCartney tied the knot with number two, Heather Mills, in 2002, but the marriage lasted only four years, culminating in an exceedingly acrimonious divorce which cost McCartney £24,3 million.

His new love, Nancy Shevell (51) has some interesting similarities to Linda Eastman: both independently wealthy and both American. Shevell is the heiress of a fortune earned in the trucking industry. They have been dating for four years, getting engaged in May. McCartney has given absolutely no indication of when the wedding was planned for, but among London's celebrity journalists and paparazzi it was an open secret that the nuptials would go ahead yesterday. The wedding was a quiet, low-key affair, in contrast to the razzmatazz that surrounded his union with Mills. The public are guaranteed to embrace Shevell to their collective bosom by virtue of the fact that she is not Mills, who – to employ a gross generalisation – everyone hates. DM

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  • Rebecca Davis
  • Sci-Tech

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