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22 December 2014 11:39 (South Africa)

Renault Modus slams into Volvo 940 estate; who's going to win?

  • Branko Brkic
  • Sci-Tech
modus - volvo


It sounds pretty straightforward: Renault Modus is a mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), basically a raised Clio, nice, small and looking a little insubstantial. Volvo 940 Estate, a safety champion of the times not so long gone is a huge, powerful, heavy and well-built example of over-engineering. So who would win in a head-to-head collision between the two? That was exactly the question posed by Tom Ford of The Fifth Gear, one of the crop of TV programmes to surface after the success of TopGear. The video of the experiment is below and provides much shock and disbelief. Enjoy. Well, sort of.

  • Branko Brkic
  • Sci-Tech

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