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26 November 2015 02:02 (South Africa)

More tsunami warnings after second quake off Indonesia

  • Branko Brkic
  • Media
tsunami 03

Following an earthquake that measured 8.3 on the Richter Scale off the island of American Samoa less than a day ago, a further quake of 7.6-magnitude struck off Indonesia’s Sumatra coast on Wednesday. The latter quake destroyed buildings and started fires in the city of Padang, reports said. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii has issued a tsunami watch for Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand.

Meanwhile, Australia has rushed to provide aid to the tiny island country of Samoa, which felt the full brunt of a tsunami after the earlier quake. At least three Australian tourists died and six others are missing in the aftermath.

Read more: Reuters, The Age

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  • Branko Brkic
  • Media

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